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Happy Birthday Alice!!!

18/08/2015 12:30

The book Alice in Wonderland is ‘born’ 150 years ago in 1865 written by Lewis Carol!

Happy Birthday dear Alice in Wonderland, that you may wander and wonder in many more worlds and ages to come!

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What Emmet, Neo and Alice and have in common

08/08/2015 20:03

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.” – Morpheus to Neo in the Matrix

The Matrix, Lego the movie and Alice in Wonderland have something very much in common;

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Who am I?

05/08/2015 15:11

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.15.35I love these questionaries with a very solid outcome as reference to what and who I am to learn and reflect (playfull) about my identity, one test says my Gaming Style is ‘Calm, Spontaneous, Relaxed, Independent, Grounded, and Practical’, but as I read the profile… I am mainly not a game in the specific test, so small my presence, but still it gives me insights on me and the other gamers and on the test, it provides me some perspective to relate to ; ) 

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Talking at Respawn Cologne

03/08/2015 14:15

I gave a presentation at Respawn Game developers Conference 2015 in Cologne Germany titled: “Designing Games, Play or Motivation?”

Here you find the recorded podcast to listen to it >>

The slides (prezi) are available for further reference as promised! >> Read more


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Become the host first to enable play: MOTENASHI

31/07/2015 13:21

When we design a (digital) game, we create a context or environment with rules, space and time limitations for the player to interact in and with, we have to invite the user to become our player, make him explore the game we provide to get acquitant with the game and become more loyaal to the game, to finally become a master inside the game and be totally immersed, that is our ambition as game designers and UX designers. To do so, we have to be the host, even wehn we are not there, and we have to take so many things in account to comfort our guest to the utmost.

I very much agree on this article’s message who explains it so correct:

What Japanese Etiquette Can Tell Us About Good UX Design

Anticipation of the other’s needs: The host should respond to guest’s needs before the latter feels such need himself.
Flexibility to the situation: Refers to the appropriate amount of formality or casualness respectively.
Understatement: The host should not display his efforts, in order to create a natural feeling for the guest.

Please read the article here: What Japanese Etiquette Can Tell Us About Good UX Design


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My Quantified body

19/07/2015 21:06

When I turned 40 in 2011, I celebrated this with a big party including an exhibition about many things I needed to get rid off. Theme was: Trash & Treasures and I invited all the guests before coming to think what they wish to trash and what to treasure forever  (see these here). Myself I presented 9 trash & 9 treasures.

My body was one: Now 5 years later only I realise this was a Quantify Self (QS) project, I have been counting my scares and all damages which needed professional treatment… they are not few;

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Play as a Basic Pathway to the self

07/07/2015 12:46

In the magazine: “the journal of play” is a very interesting article published titled: “Play as a Basic Pathway to the Self” as an interview with Thomas S. Henricks. On e quote as an example for this article’s and persons relevance in play research:

“And the sometimes not so gentle teasing that accompanied that process was a way of toughening oneself in the face of disappointment, of being allowed to provoke those who were normally one’s superiors, and of recognizing that enduring relationships transcend moments of difficulty.”

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Little Chicken went to college

05/07/2015 14:26

I love talking about the value of play, and was invited at Little Chicken Game Company to reveal more theories on motivation and how to apply these in game design. Since I managed to refer to so many different theories and scientist, I was worried for them to loose the attention, and incorporated an old-fashioned Name Bingo Game, and it was played successfully and enthusiastically. The dialogue and Q&A after this lecture was super great and made me hunger for more… Read more


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Talking at Doctors2.0 in Paris

30/06/2015 11:37

I was invited to Doctors2.0 in 2015 in Paris to explain more on the game “Coach4Life” we developed for the Dutch Kidneyfoundation with Little Chicken and Cfag as a tool to motivate people with a Kidney disease to change their lifestyle and learn to cope with their disease. Great discussion were initiated on how to motivate people and patients. Especially the video of Irene saying: “I am not a patient anymore” elicited lots of conversation…. Read more


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Prohibition to play?

20/06/2015 15:47

I saw this sign… in an area where lot’s of children play outdoors… it says: “do not play!”

How would you feel making this sign, placing this sign, deciding this sign needs to be made and placed?

I think it is horrible that it is there… however if the context is taken in account… they probably mean to express not to kick a ball against this street furniture specifically, since it might make too much noise which probably has disturbed the residents in the area… still – a suggestion or invitation for consideration would be nicer then this prohibition to play.

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