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Succesfull learning course for teachers co created!

07/07/2017 09:40

Together with Hieke Hoekstra and Ate de Boer we developed a course at Effectief Onderwijs and noordelijkonderwijsgilde.nl for teachers in special-needs education about digital teaching materials and tools. Our 16 participants explored many digitals tools and created their own research plan:

  • developed a research question based on their pupils needs and abilities
  • designed a pilot test to run
  • run a pilot test
  • created a video and presentation
  • wrote a report about their insights with recommendations for their organisation plus peers

A final magazine with reviews on different digital tools and providers has been created as a library to continue with as a team, one of biggest finding is that the way to get a tool is a first obstacle, to implement a tool second, but once you are interacting with the pupils, they very often surprise their teachers with their talents and abilities to explore these objects. Like my pupils surprised me happily during this course ; ) Read more


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QS 2017 Conference ‘My Health Scars’

16/06/2017 23:55

I’ll share my “quantified body” as tracked by my physical scars. The data on my scars includes date of the injury, size of the scar, impact of the scar, and healing time. (All scars are accidental, by the way.) quantifiedself.com Read more


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How play elicits innovation

10/05/2017 18:10

Thanks to a temp. teaching job at the Amsterdam University College, I read this article:

Play in evolution and development” by Anthony D. Pellegrini, Danielle Dupuis and Peter K. Smith.

I love for instance this quote:  “… leading us to posit that play may be an important mechanism at the vanguard of behavioral innovation” in this article a lot more reasoning on the how and why. Read the complete article, or ask me next time we talk ; )




17/04/2017 10:10

Three years ago today I did a TEDx talk, and i’ve not been able to look at the video till today! I still agree with the message: we do need to play more! I personally will try (again) to make obstacles as challenges and find better balance in life. See the talk here (it is only 8 min)

Read more


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Double plus good Play

02/04/2017 11:18

I am a huge fan of Foooty, it’s a ball to play anywhere and anytime, since it fits in your pocket.

Recently at my birthday I received a Foooty+ as a gift. Double plus clever game design, inside the Foooty is a puzzle placed… really not that easy to figure out! Plus I love the simplicity of the round transparant ball with inside a transparant cube… contrasting yet matching perfectly. Love it!


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Pac-man is alive and kicking!

18/02/2017 13:23

As most people might know by now, I am a big fan of Pacman, and often talk about pacman when trying to explain the theory of gamedesign.

Now I am happy to announce that Paladin Studios made a tribute to Pacman in their game Galaga Wars. Read more about the how and what here >>

Read more


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Once i was a product designer…

31/01/2017 23:12

About 7 years ago, I “designed” this ring, to be as cheap as possible, customisable in size on the spot, sold for one euro at Queens day in Amsterdam….

Found the photo just now, and it made me think of the magic circle as a model… also born approx. 7 years ago?


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Interesting book Game Didactics (in Dutch)

30/01/2017 21:04


Boek: Gamedidactiek, het hoe en waarom van spellen in de les.

Beknopte samenvatting

Spellen en computergames worden steeds meer ingezet in de les. Gamedidactiek legt uit wat het nut van spellen in de les is. Waarom en hoe kun je spellen inzetten in je les?


learninggames.nl >>
databankgames.nl >>
gamesvooronderwijs.nl >>
MASS project >>
leerspellen.nl >>
Center for Games & Impact >>
gameplaylearn.com >>
Science Center >>
Room Recess >>
Wise Play >>
Portmantoo >>


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Seeing Nano project

18/01/2017 11:20

In the year 2015 and 2016 I have been advicing Hannie van den Bergh with the intriguing project of bridging an abstract concept as Nano technology is, towards a wide audience. This project was a EU collaboration of different partners from science, art and industry. And the end result where several events including the tools Hannie developed, using gameplay.

See more information here about the coalition: http://www.seeingnano.eu/

More about the toys/tools:

Nano memory – Nano profiler – Nano Origami


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Ellis was in W*india*land – part 2

12/01/2017 15:02

“Ellis was in W*india*land – part 1” can be read here

In November 2017 a group of Dutch game developers went for the GDC (game developers conference) in Hyderabad. We were invited to speak, discuss and expo different applied games from Holland. Read more


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