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Education & development NVON conference

25/11/2015 11:53

Today I am talking to educators of the future on how to incorporate games & play in education.

The slides in prezi as promised can be found here >>


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How to playtest: where is the assumption killer?

16/11/2015 11:40

Please read this article, and see how hard it is to properly test your product, and even more when your product is a game!

Gamasutra: Anatomy of a Usability Test in Video Games (Part-1)

When teaching design, or consulting clients on design, I would love to have an assumption killer/alert available, so great to point out assumptions, to improve a product more and more, or make better decisions while developing a product or service.


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Pure play!

15/11/2015 20:55

This artist really plays around with available materials, stone, water, gravity. See a beautiful video of his play >> called Gravity Glue by Michael Grab.

Just like my other favorite artist: Andy Goldsworthy he plays with leaves, colors, snow, stones and wood.

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Create & Play your Identity – workshop ID play

14/10/2015 16:41

Some people do not have an elevator pitch prepared, to tell the most important (business) message to a person in a very limited time. It is interesting to develop one, but this very often lacks spontaneity and authenticity. An many occassions people are in a different context with a different background and want to find each other’s common ground with a goal to pursue together, but it is important to find a way to present who you are, why you are here, what you want.

On conferences this is often the case… and my friend Easkey Britton had faced this situation with the Surf + Social Good Summit in may ’15. Worldwide passionate sportive people coming together talking about the opportunaties to do Good. For this purpose I developed a “profile” Canvas, which made every individual first reflect on him and herself, and then use it as a tool to reflect on & show their identity confident and playful on many aspects. Read more


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How I became a play alchemist

04/10/2015 15:52

I am invited at the Hanze School in Groningen te present to first years game design students about being a professional game designer. My presentation is second in an interesting line up in 5 ‘shows’ organised by Arjan Terpstra from Gameclowns.

Lecture #1: Joost van Dongen (Ronimo Games)
Lecture #2: Tomas Sala (Little Chicken game company)
Lecture #3: Ellis Bartholomeus (EllisinWonderland)
Lecture #4: Angie Smets (Guerrilla Games)
Lecture #5: Tim Laning (Grendel Games)

As promised to the students, the slides in Prezi can be viewed here >> Read more


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To face a day or a face a day, that is the question?

21/09/2015 22:56

I attended the Quantify Self Conference Europe 2015 in Amsterdam. I love this conference concept; most attendees are not only audience but also on stage to talk about their passion for this topic to share knowledge and curiosity to the utmost.

What is so great about the QS conference is that this is not just a get-together of people with a weird obsession (Qs=numbering me ; ) or hobby only, this conference is very much about a passion for getting to know and understand who we all are, by doing experiments with the self, the most available guinea pig we have is ourselves to experiment on, and learn life with. Read more


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Has design left us?

11/09/2015 10:29

Has design really left us? Did design craftsmanship became extinct in some areas? With all user experience, service design, design thinking and empowerment of the user and customer in controlling the consumer market, we still have so many examples of very poor design unfortunately, I will not mention all the elevator buttons I have been confused and frustrated with, but I do have some nice examples; Read more


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Happy Birthday Alice!!!

18/08/2015 12:30

The book Alice in Wonderland is ‘born’ 150 years ago in 1865 written by Lewis Carol!

Happy Birthday dear Alice in Wonderland, that you may wander and wonder in many more worlds and ages to come!

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What Emmet, Neo and Alice and have in common

08/08/2015 20:03

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.” – Morpheus to Neo in the Matrix

The Matrix, Lego the movie and Alice in Wonderland have something very much in common;

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Who am I?

05/08/2015 15:11

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.15.35I love these questionaries with a very solid outcome as reference to what and who I am to learn and reflect (playfull) about my identity, one test says my Gaming Style is ‘Calm, Spontaneous, Relaxed, Independent, Grounded, and Practical’, but as I read the profile… I am mainly not a game in the specific test, so small my presence, but still it gives me insights on me and the other gamers and on the test, it provides me some perspective to relate to ; ) 

More tests and who I ‘am’… Read more


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