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Game design workshop at Hanze Hogeschool

03/03/2015 12:09

A class full of international students “Game On!” in Groningen at Hanzehogeschool, creating and talking about games, with of-course Pacman as the main topic to discuss game elements and the magic of play.


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“Play as need”

28/02/2015 20:45

A Dutch tv program: “De Kennis van nu” (the knowledge of now) on the importance of play, how research has shown the great importance of play, by animals, human: “De kennis van nu, spelen is van levensbelang” (in dutch)

See also the TED by Peter Gray on the importance of play: The decline of play


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Who is Ellis?

21/02/2015 13:04

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Coach4life on tv!

19/02/2015 20:35

The morning talkshow: “Koffietijd” (=coffeetime) featured Coach4Life (which I co-developed) The kidneypatient Irene is my favorite tester involved in the beta testing (since she was clever enough to cheat by altering her Iphone time setting ; ), but what and how she says in this interviewis really so gratifying!

“this game really has changed my life”

See her talk on this link




Other wonderlands…

30/01/2015 10:58

I wonder….

I have all these friends engaged in the same – but different – wonders in life.

  • My dear friend Meike Ziegler enables bewonderments full time with her creatuals.com
  • I have a subscription at Mondo Leone’s beautiful poetic updates: “verwonderingen” to his verwonderlingen (=fans)
  • My Belgium friend Griet initiated: “wonderwijs.me – a creative expedition to a harmonious world”
  • My new inspirational friend Ina, whom I met on a toilet this year, does Wanderlust (dutch)
  • and I encountered more recent years… will start collecting them here…




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Pure play!

19/01/2015 09:22

I consider this to be an example of pure play: Watch this video and judge if I am right or not.

These guys self determine: competence, autonomy and relatedness… (SDT theory)


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Brain curiosity: Backyard Brains

10/01/2015 18:45

I have been intriguid with experiments with my brains, or brain research in general, this website has intriguing examples too: backyardbrains.com/


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How we built habits

11/12/2014 21:11

Very interesting approach on our behavior with apps, phones en social media:
“Seeking pleasure and avoiding pain are two key motivators in all species. When we feel discomfort, we seek to escape the uncomfortable sensation. Over time, the solution to the user’s pain is found in the product’s use.”
Read more in this article:The Real Reason “Stupid” Startups Raise So Much Money


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I love Roamler

29/11/2014 19:55

The video explains clearly how motivating (addictive) it is to do tasks for Roamler, and another video about what Roamler is. I have been a Roamler fan since there first beta launch. It is developed very well, and once you get inside, they take every user very serious, since we users are their assets for their clients… but the business side is not what really interests me….

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Presenting the MGC model to discuss as designtool

17/11/2014 23:31

I had the honour to present the Magic Game Circle as dissect and design model for games at the Van Berlo studio, to discuss it as a possible tool for designing user-product-interaction. It was great to talk with this group of experienced product designers, lot’s of questions, lot’s of thoughts on frustration and designing the users experience. I learned a lot today, and again I realise my vision on play as interaction is not commonly shared easily, the concept of games still holds many tresholds, I wish to say: Life is a game, if you choose to play it ; P


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