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Ellis was in W*india*land – part 2

12/01/2017 15:02

“Ellis was in W*india*land – part 1” can be read here

In November 2017 a group of Dutch game developers went for the GDC (game developers conference) in Hyderabad. We were invited to speak, discuss and expo different applied games from Holland. Read more


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Ellis in (paper) magazine crossing borders

07/11/2016 09:01

For my quantify self experience on Happy Faces I have been interviewed by the Belgium Magazine Charlie Mag. Talking about Happy… can that smile be any bigger? Read the article in full here >>charliemag


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Workshop Sanitary Awarness Game design

04/10/2016 19:00

For the first time a hosted a game design workshop in Hanze Applied University Groningen via Skype since the train did not take me there. I was a very new experience, and I really miss the contact with the students and their work, but it worked out rather well, within 2 hours time, the team managed to create a member profiles, a persona, the team goal and a game concept to proceed with for next phase.

The slide used during the workshop can be found here >>

Read more


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Students designing play for Zoo

07/09/2016 08:24

At the University of Applied Science Amsterdam, for the launch of the new academic year, students are Challenged to develop games at the Zoo (Artis), to engage visitors with the less popular animals.

I am invited to give an introduction lecture about designing games and apply play. Off course I will mention some elephants ; )  see the slides here >>

Everyone is invited to become a test player at: Internet of Elephants Playgroup


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talking about happy faces QS

29/07/2016 23:27

The video of the QS conference on my faces happiness project. See the video here >>

Or see more here on this project >>


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Interesting talk on VR and our brains

Game makers have spent the past four decades trying to pull players into games, developing a bag of tricks and techniques to make people feel immersed in virtual worlds.

See this video if you are interested in our behavior and what we can design to emerge:  “Video: The psychology of doing VR game design right”

What i personally explicitly love in this talk is how she explains how you as developer risk the breaking a contract with your player…. design is a negotiation with your user…


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Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment

26/06/2016 12:10

People who know me, know; I love to talk about flow, and how to manage to stay in flow, or how to apply this in design to help someone else manage his experience. I often used the term “Dynamic Difficulty Levelling” but only now I found out the real term for this via this article on flow by Jenova Chen:

Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment, also known as DDA, is a fairly straightforward and ideal concept in the game design field. The difficulty of a game should change dynamically based on its player’s skill and performance. However, designing and implementing a DDA system is not trivial. Every so often, DDA systems take control away from the game designers, which potentially causes more problems than a linear game. Few commercial developers have implemented DDA systems for their games, and even fewer have shipped them. [Arey & Wells 2001] Over all DDA is just part of the core elements of Flow, it cannot stand-alone and reach Flow by itself. Rather than focusing on designing a DDA system for games, designing a general Flow system based on all core elements will be more direct and useful for the game designers”

Read the article: Flow in Games a Jenova Chen MFA Thesis

When still questions on flow, mail or call me ; P

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Recruiting in or with games…

17/06/2016 22:03

This is a very interesting article to read: “Serious Recruiting Games: 6 Tips For Using Games And Simulations For Recruiting Success

It gives a nice summary of using games as a tool in a “light” way towards the more “heavy” versions or application of play.

Some remarks I would like to note extra as tips: Read more


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Talking at QS in Groningen

15/06/2016 10:24

Am invited to talk (june 14th ’16) at this QS-event in Groningen about my Face A Day QS experiment. Then Gary Wolf will be talking about: ‘Against Behaviour Change’

Read and see more about my experiment on drawing faces every day here >>



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Workshop Internet of Elephants

29/05/2016 21:57

Together with Little Chicken and Newzoo we brainstorm a full day at the THNK home to co-create the future of the Internet of Elephants, are we able to design a game to engage people worldwide to the life and health and whereabouts of elephants and Wild life globally? We will keep you posted…. ; )


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