What does Ellis do?

This is what I do: I..

  • Do hands-on workshops: ‘the value of play’ and how to use play for impact
  • Playtest games (best in casual, puzzle and braintraining games)
  • Teach (game) designthinking + doing
  • Do QA= quality assurance on user journey and user experience
  • Advice on designing for elderly
  • Consult on applied game development and implementation of play
  • Do matchmaking between organisation who want to play and those who make play
  • Do matchmaking between academic research and the game industry

This is what I did (in short): I…

These are some of my talks 

Hands-on workshops on the value of play and creating play in teams

For several organisations and context I have been invited to explain more on what play can do in a certain context or problem. After talking and explaining often, I realised I need to make people play to understand the value and power of play, so in five years time I created several tools to make people understand and make play. This has been done now with groups of;

  • kids in the age of 8 to 12
  • primarily school teachers
  • technical teachers who teach to teenagers
  • international students media design
  • students game design
  • health institutes
  • professors + students design
  • caregivers + caretakers
  • patients
  • innovation consultants
  • and even with game professionals

In this wide divers group, the learnings were always met. Great play-concepts have been invented, and most of all problems were deconstructed and reconstructed to gain insights and perspectives on the context, the role being played, the powers at hand, this is also proven to be a good method to get to know each other and each other role in a team or project and to set a proper context to continue to work together in a longer term, creating a framework together, defining boundaries and house-rules, it is al one big game really ; )

Some examples of workshops (including photos):