The Fixer… leaderboard

31/12/2018 11:15

This is the hi-score list of the fixer… game, keep track of the highest score, and make sure you score even higher! sent it to us via mail or use our questionnaire to provide us feedback on your play

…or get the game to play it, sent an email to:

Imagine: What if we could solve big and small challenges together… play the game to frame your challenge, create new challenges and work on solutions, as many, as weird, as proper, as clever, as “off” as possible…

Team:Challenge: How might we...Score
organise and balance life better (self center)135
anonymoushow can we celebrate C+P together 50 years together?69
die healthy and happy52
eveline, tuna, june and antonhow can we find a partner for Eveline?42
make decision where to go on holiday more easy40,5
roger and cocreate the city as playgrounds for all being and things in 205021
claudia, mayra, malou, jolandacollaboration 0
hannie + ellishow might we save our environment41
UPES SOD team 1,2,3 and 4how might we safe the Himalaya from wastex



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  • ellis wrote a comment on 7-19-2019

    create the city as playgrounds for all being and things in 2050 – score 21!