Who is Ellis?

I am Ellis in Wonderland, with my experience of designing interaction and play over 20 years, I now advise companies who need a game and companies who make games so I can help more people play more and better games. I am involved in academic and personal research on the topic of the value of play.

I have been wondering in a world of designing behaviour and motivation via play. Creating meaningful products to help people and patients to participate in and with their own health or their education. To playfully change frustration to control. When a user becomes a player inside the magic circle of play, failure is legitimate, experience is key and control can be perceived. The player is free to transfer learnings outside the game to cope with real life. To co-create play with players, to research the mechanics and dynamics of motivation, to facilitate the magic game circle as a medium to achieve more then enjoyment only is what makes me curious professionally and personally. As a game design thinker I consult in a variety of projects with divers stakeholders.

In 1996 I graduated as a product designer at the Design Academy on ‘Men and Information’. Since then I have created signage, medical user-interfaces, graphic design, websites, online interactive applications, edutainment and serious games. I worked for – and collaborated with – several companies and as co-founder of Laika.nl for 10 years. I am eager to get more in-depth involved with the use of play and game elements as a medium and tool and not just for fun but to engage the user. How to design, facilitate and enable intrinsic motivation, and how to co-create a state of play and design the user-journey. Since 5 years I am researching and searching for the holy grail of intrinsic motivation and how not just to engage a user with a product, but how to allow the user to want to interact and play around with his experiences to help for instance patients become more the owner of their condition or a student to become the owner of their learnings. Nowadays with my experience in designing these I often give talks and facilitate workshops for organisations to learn to understand the value and power of play and how to apply this to make a change.

This website is my personal archive which might be interesting for whoever is interested in gaming and design.

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On personal level Ellis in Wonderland also knits grafitti with BreiwerkWest in Amsterdam.

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