welcome, i am ellis and this my playground

this is my personal library on the topic of play what I’ve learnt so far and still am mischievously exploring… – ellis

Restrictions or invitation?

When I was travelling to India, we got the change to visit a park with several burial temples, it was beautiful. What I noticed where the signs and restrictions indicated at the…

This is how I do it!

A co-creation process (during CoviD lock downs) including health experts plus clients who are coping with an impact in life (brain damage or physical trauma). The end-result after 8 months collaborating and…

Games for change G4C2021 festival!

Games for change G4C2021 festival!

I was so lucky to be invited to speak at #G4C2021 (Games for Change) Festival about the project I did with Oxfam in Somalië. How to cross borders, or how to find…
Bookreview Thomas Fondelli


I am very very honoured for my Dutch book to be reviewed by Thomas Fondelli, he already applies play in his therapeutic practice, and got curious about applying ‘gamification’ in his practice,…