Automated gamification on your website: Captain Up

17/04/2013 15:06

I am very curious about the experience of people using for their (wordpress)website, and for the players using these websites using Captain up… who is the player(s) here?
I do recognise many game mechanics which can be easily applied on and in many situations, however I still wish to worn everyone for taking their player or user for granted and automate their motivation… can not be automated… these methods as Captain Up’s features are more useful to emphasise motivation or to get players involved in feedback and interaction. Still intriguing very much… who can tell me more from first hand experience?

Captain Up


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  • Tom Roozen wrote a comment on 5-29-2013

    Hi Ellis,

    We are using Captain Up on our website. (check it out)
    Just for figuring this automated Gamification plugin and what it does with our public.
    I dont’t think Captian up will help people to be more engaged with this plugin, and no one (but us) even bothers to login. But it is still fun in a way. I think when it is more advanced and designed for the goal you want to set it can be helpfull to get more attention and involvement.