“The Chemistry Of Game Design” by Daniel Cook on Gamasutra

30/05/2012 10:03

I totally agree:

It is my belief that a highly mechanical and predictable heart, built on the foundation of basic human psychology, beats at the core of every single successful game.

– Daniel Cook on Gamasutra

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Another great quote:

Given a spare moment, we throw ourselves into playing with blocks or dolls as children and more intricate hobbies as adults. It is a sign of our need for meaningful stimulation that solitary confinement remains a vicious punishment for the most hardened criminals. The flip side is that we are rewarded for learning. The sensation that gamers term ‘fun’ is derived from the act of mastering knowledge, skills and tools. When you learn something new, when you understand it so fully you can use that knowledge to manipulate your environment for the better, you experience joy.

nicest quote ever: “games are a grand hack


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  • ellis wrote a comment on 5-30-2012

    another great quote from this article: “These “aha” moments, when a concept or message is fully interpreted and understood, lead to a flood of chemicals in the brain and body that we experience as pleasurable. It feels good to “get” it. The deeper the concept is, the better it feels when we are finally able to wrap our head around it.”

  • ellis wrote a comment on 6-9-2012

    Great game with super usage of the Game atoms is: WORLD OF GOO: http://www.worldofgoo.com/