Create & Play your Identity – workshop ID play

14/10/2015 16:41

Some people do not have an elevator pitch prepared, to tell the most important (business) message to a person in a very limited time. It is interesting to develop one, but this very often lacks spontaneity and authenticity. An many occassions people are in a different context with a different background and want to find each other’s common ground with a goal to pursue together, but it is important to find a way to present who you are, why you are here, what you want.

On conferences this is often the case… and my friend Easkey Britton had faced this situation with the Surf + Social Good Summit in may ’15. Worldwide passionate sportive people coming together talking about the opportunaties to do Good. For this purpose I developed a “profile” Canvas, which made every individual first reflect on him and herself, and then use it as a tool to reflect on & show their identity confident and playful on many aspects.



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