Cultural attacheés and diplomats creating games

[photography by Bram Belloni] At the New Instituut in Rotterdam together with Dutch Culture we collaborated with a group cultural attachés from Russia, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey to discover together each others commons issues and possible new solutions. In a game concept design workshop, they:

  1. described their individual backgrounds, including dreams and nightmares
  2. mapped together these team nightmare and dreams
  3. translated this map to opportunities and obstacles
  4. defined their common team goal and roles
  5. created a game concept as solution
  6. created a prototype plus presentation

And off course one team won the Award of best team result for today, however all team performed amazingly well, plus gathered great insights on the divers topics.

For me personally best reward at the end of the reflection the quote by one of the participants: “You game designers should understand how much there is to be learned about strategising and playing the game truly, from us diplomats!” – I can not agree more, and am happy to share this playful lens in life more.


[photography by Bram Belloni]
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