How to create a game concept

06/04/2020 11:19

Below are all the worksheets or canvasses to create your game concept, follow the steps on the first poster.

What you need:

  • prints from below files(to download cntl-click the links) (ideally printed on A3 size)
  • at least one team of 3 players to create (yet I love to challenge those who wish to prove they CAN do it alone)
  • coloured pencils (to elicit variety in writing and drawing)
  • props to create prototypes, lego, clay, carton, paper, glue, tape, dice, dolls
  • time-limitation, set your clock/alarm! and GO play

Download Design a game concept journey >>
Download Who am I, and what do I bring today- canvas >>
Download Team goals – canvas >>
Download Who is our player/target audience – canvas >>
Download Game Concept Design Canvas for print >>
Download Impact Canvas for print >>
Download Game elements Cheat Sheet for print >>


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