Who is ellis?

Throughout her career, ellis has been intrigued with the value of play. She graduated from the Design Academy in 1996 as a product designer and realized that to have audiences own a message they needed to interact with it. Since then she has been designing play as a method/tool to amplify self-motivated learning and enable rich social interaction.

ellis has co-developed more than 50 games and playful interactive products on a wide spectrum of topics. For example, she created a tool to help kidney malfunction patients adapt their lifestyle and cope with the disease and a puzzle platform for the elderly to stay cognitively fit by becoming more familiar with technology and the internet.

after years of developing products, ellis wrote Apply Play, a book on the art of play. she gives talks and facilitates workshops on the value and power of play and how to make a change while designing and driving intrinsic motivation. her work has impacted groups around the world.

This website is my personal archive which might be interesting for whoever is interested in gaming and design.

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On personal level Ellis in Wonderland also knits grafitti with BreiwerkWest in Amsterdam.

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