How a fun app can save a life!

As a consultant and in the role of the ambassador for the player, I was involved with developing this app in 2013 and 2014.
The Dutch Kidney Foundation (Dutch: Nierstichting) has teamed up with kidney patients and healthcare professionals to develop an app called Coach4Life. Coach4Life supports people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) in leading as healthy a life as possible and, if possible, slowing down the further deterioration of the kidneys. The development of the app has been made possible thanks to a gift from the FriendsLottery (VriendenLoterij). Coach4life can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets free of any charge.

To mitigate the worsening of kidney failure, it is important that people with chronic kidney disease take action as early in their lives as possible. It is effective, yet difficult to maintain healthy eating and exercise habits and a strict medication regime. What is often lacking are knowledge, motivation and self-confidence. That is where Coach4Life comes in.
Coach4Life contains game elements that pleasantly and positively motivate patients to improve their daily lives. Taking centre stage in Coach4Life are personal goals picked and detailed by the patients themselves to make them a true part of their lives. It’s about more exercise, timely medication, more relaxation, social activities. Anything goes.

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